Meeting Expectations in the Service Department

San Tan Hyndai ServiceThe following letter comes from customer Tim Z. who expects only the best from San Tan Hyundai’s service department… and we deliver! Thanks, Tim, we definitely appreciate the compliments.

Dave McHone:

I’ve gotten to the point where I expect excellent service when I bring my vehicles (3 Hyundais) into your service center – but that doesn’t mean I take it for granted.

It is nice to know I can depend on fast, courteous service – which is why I come back, but this doesn’t mean I should not give positive feedback when your guys come through for me again and again.

“Hugo” did a great job assessing, informing, fixing and delivering our Santa Fe this week. He is always very thorough and courteous. I appreciate that.

I will echo what I have said earlier – this is a reflection on you and your general manager that you have instilled good customer service skills in your service employees.

Thank you again!

Tim Z.

All the Right Parts

When it comes to customer service, small things go a long way. Jess Suter and company in the San Tan Hyundai Parts Department seemed to make a great impression on Terra S.

To Jess Suter and other man that took my order today (I think it starts with a J)…

Let me apologize in advance for writing this and bragging about the service I received from both of you today. But I would like to thank you for the UNBELIEVABLE customer support you both provided. I appreciate you not making me feel like a silly little girl ordering a car part. I will stop there before your heads get too fat to walk out the door tonight to go home.

Thank you again. It’s heart warming to know there are some good people still.

Take care.

Terra S.