San Tan Hyundai Not Not Providing Great Service

I wanted to write this email to express how much I appreciate the good service I have been receiving from the Service department at San Tan Hyundai. I just got my oil changed today and this paper was on my car seat, it said to contact if I did not get good service, but I really wanted to contact you to let you know that I HAVE received outstanding service and would like to make sure it is noted. Of course, if the survey comes my way I will be happy to fill it out, but just in case it doesn’t, again, I wanted to make it is known the high level of service I received is much appreciated.

This morning I drove up and was immediately greeted by Mario Macias, who was friendly and welcoming. He was more than willing to assist with my service needs and was very knowledgeable. The other man who was working this morning, I believe his name is David, has been there before and extremely customer service driven. While I was waiting in the lounge I noticed him interact with other customers and he was giving top notch service.

I just cannot say enough how much I value the service that is given every time I come into San Tan Hyundai. I am only three months into my relationship with the company, but feel I am in the best hands. I did my research before buying my car and visited several other locations, this was the first one I felt TRULY comfortable with. From Barry Olken, who walked me through the initial sales to Aaron who assisted me with my car alarm installation. To David and Mario in the service department, I am simply overwhelmed by the high level of customer service that has been given EVERY visit. I appreciate this excellent customer service so much and will tell everyone I can! You have a Hyundai customer for life!

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience!

Elizabeth E.

Customer Letter – San Tan Hyundai Restores Vehicle and Builds Customer Satisfaction

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

There are few things more disappointing than getting into a car accident right after buying a new car; but that’s exactly what happened to one of our customers. Fortunately the vehicle took most of the damage. San Tan Hyundai was able to restore her vehicle to “better than new” condition, and earned a “lifelong client” in the process.

Dear Mr. Scheurn,

I purchased a Hyundai Genesis Coupe in May of 2010 from your dealership. The buying process was not only very simple, your salespeople made it fun (especially Jesse and RJ). A few months after I purchased my new car, I was rear ended causing several thousands of dollars worth of damage. Usually when you buy a vehicle and drive off the lot, you, as a person, are forgotten about. When I arrived the day of the accident I was amazed at the level of genuine care I received from both Jesse and the other associates. Earnhardt’s fixed up my car like new and helped pay my deductible, which simply warmed my heart. Since then, I have brought my car in for normal servicing, and each time I come, I feel like I am visiting family. There are always smiles and open armed greetings. I actually look forward to my oil changes because I will be able to chat and laugh while my car is worked on.

Recently, I had to bring my car back in to have the engine mounts fixed. Aaron Higginbotham has been my service advisor since the beginning and I think he is fantastic! He always remembers my car’s history and is very honest when he tells me what is wrong with my car. It is reassuring to be able to trust your service agent; especially since I do not know much about cars. Also, after an accident your car is never the same and it can be scary to drive afterwards. I completely truest the work that has been done and feel reassured in its safety.

I wanted to write a letter for a while now stating my feelings about your employees and the company. The last time I picked up my car from servicing on 1/3/12, I realized how much was put into fixing my car. I knew it was time to write this letter. My car was running so much better after the work performed, I even think it runs better than the day I drove it off the lot! As well, my car was not only washed – but detailed!

Please know that you have a lifelong client and I will definitely be purchasing all my vehicles from San Tan Hyundai. This is all due to the people mentioned in this letter and I wanted to bring their names to your attention.

Thank you once again for everything!


(Name omitted per customer’s request)

San Tan Hyundai Service Adivsor Goes Above and Beyond

Our service advisor, David Killingsworth, has continued to go above and beyond the call of duty, he is always thinking one step ahead of me, and takes the time to listen to all concerns, and address all issues. When the vehicle is ready he goes out of his way to explain what was done to the vehicle, and what he feels needs to be done in the near future. On my last visit, there was an issue with having my vehicle done by a deadline which was just made, however when it was nearing the deadline (due to a family trip to disney) David called me to let me know there was a chance my vehicle may not be done, when he called he already had a plan ‘B’ in place with a large rental vehicle to accomidate me and my family is needed. I feel that David has always gone above and beyond, and he truly is an asset to this dealership. He has provided me with the best service experiences that I have ever had with a dealership, and I look forward to working with him in the future as a repeat customer.

Have all of your advisors learn from David about providing a positive customer experience.

– Denise G.

Quality and outstanding customer service converts long-time Honda owners

Here’s a fantastic letter from Donna and Richard Bradford, proud new owners of a Hyundai Genesis. From the greeting, to sales, to finance, to the post-sale service, the team at San Tan Hyundai really shined. Thanks to the Bradfords for your business and for taking the time to share your experience with others. Enjoy your new car, and we look forward to seeing you again even if it is just to say “hi”.

2011 Hyundai Genesis CoupeHi Tom Scheurn:

Let me start off by saying my husband Richard and I were Honda Automobile customers for the last 25 plus years. With that said, allow me tell you about the experience we had at your dealership when purchasing our car back in August. Upon arriving at your dealership and exiting our car we were greeted by a man by the name of Jesse Rivera. What a nice, cordial and friendly man he is. Now keep in mind we have been Honda customers and it was hard for me to think outside the box. It’s hard to change anything in life when you are comfortable with a car and most of all reliable. I took the Genesis for a test drive, WOW!! What a car. I even told Jesse while in the car you are going to have to persuade me an awful lot to buy a Hyundai. But Jesse did his job and did an outstanding job in making me think outside the box.

I knew we wouldn’t have any problem financing the car, but we all hate the part of financing. This is where we met Dan Douthitt. Another nice, cordial and friendly man. He worked his fingers and the numbers where we could obtain this superior vehicle. But we had another problem now; we needed to locate the 2011 Genesis Coupe. Dan goes back to now find the vehicle. He locates one in Modesto, California. Yea!! We are happy people now. Not only did the financing work out we now located the vehicle.

We are now off to Financing to met your Finance Manager, Leroy Fontenot. Another nice, cordial and friendly man. Can this really be happening? Three nice men in a row? Yup, it sure can at San Tan Hyundai. That ain’t no Bull!!

Just the other day, my husband decided to buy rims for this beautiful car and had the pleasure of meeting your Parts Manager, John McCracken, and your Front Counter employee, Jess Suter. More nice, cordial and friendly men. While my husband was talking to John at the parts counter Jesse Rivera noticed us and came over and gave me a peck on the cheek and a hug. No, I am not offended by that at all. Being Italian hugs and kisses I think are great, and besides what better way to show you care. My gosh, this dealership is fantastic from beginning to end. We cannot say enough about this exceptional dealership, customer service and its employee’s.

Since the car was purchased in August, we also had the pleasure of meeting your Assistant Service Manager, Myron Lyons several times for accessories added to the Hyundai and our chrome wheels that were put on the car on September 12, 2011. Another friendly and cordial man.

Your dealership just makes me so happy. It makes me want to come back just to say “Hi” to these men. You don’t find that type of customer service these days. We are so impressed with the customer service, that we will highly recommended San Tan Hyundai to our friends.

Tom, these five individuals must be commended for a job well done. They have outstanding customer service and should be highly praised and recognized. In closing Tom, Richard and I would like to “express our thanks ” to your staff for making a long time Honda customer, a new Hyundai customer.

Richard & Donna Bradford

All the Right Parts

When it comes to customer service, small things go a long way. Jess Suter and company in the San Tan Hyundai Parts Department seemed to make a great impression on Terra S.

To Jess Suter and other man that took my order today (I think it starts with a J)…

Let me apologize in advance for writing this and bragging about the service I received from both of you today. But I would like to thank you for the UNBELIEVABLE customer support you both provided. I appreciate you not making me feel like a silly little girl ordering a car part. I will stop there before your heads get too fat to walk out the door tonight to go home.

Thank you again. It’s heart warming to know there are some good people still.

Take care.

Terra S.