Customer Letter – San Tan Hyundai Restores Vehicle and Builds Customer Satisfaction

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

There are few things more disappointing than getting into a car accident right after buying a new car; but that’s exactly what happened to one of our customers. Fortunately the vehicle took most of the damage. San Tan Hyundai was able to restore her vehicle to “better than new” condition, and earned a “lifelong client” in the process.

Dear Mr. Scheurn,

I purchased a Hyundai Genesis Coupe in May of 2010 from your dealership. The buying process was not only very simple, your salespeople made it fun (especially Jesse and RJ). A few months after I purchased my new car, I was rear ended causing several thousands of dollars worth of damage. Usually when you buy a vehicle and drive off the lot, you, as a person, are forgotten about. When I arrived the day of the accident I was amazed at the level of genuine care I received from both Jesse and the other associates. Earnhardt’s fixed up my car like new and helped pay my deductible, which simply warmed my heart. Since then, I have brought my car in for normal servicing, and each time I come, I feel like I am visiting family. There are always smiles and open armed greetings. I actually look forward to my oil changes because I will be able to chat and laugh while my car is worked on.

Recently, I had to bring my car back in to have the engine mounts fixed. Aaron Higginbotham has been my service advisor since the beginning and I think he is fantastic! He always remembers my car’s history and is very honest when he tells me what is wrong with my car. It is reassuring to be able to trust your service agent; especially since I do not know much about cars. Also, after an accident your car is never the same and it can be scary to drive afterwards. I completely truest the work that has been done and feel reassured in its safety.

I wanted to write a letter for a while now stating my feelings about your employees and the company. The last time I picked up my car from servicing on 1/3/12, I realized how much was put into fixing my car. I knew it was time to write this letter. My car was running so much better after the work performed, I even think it runs better than the day I drove it off the lot! As well, my car was not only washed – but detailed!

Please know that you have a lifelong client and I will definitely be purchasing all my vehicles from San Tan Hyundai. This is all due to the people mentioned in this letter and I wanted to bring their names to your attention.

Thank you once again for everything!


(Name omitted per customer’s request)