Quality and outstanding customer service converts long-time Honda owners

Here’s a fantastic letter from Donna and Richard Bradford, proud new owners of a Hyundai Genesis. From the greeting, to sales, to finance, to the post-sale service, the team at San Tan Hyundai really shined. Thanks to the Bradfords for your business and for taking the time to share your experience with others. Enjoy your new car, and we look forward to seeing you again even if it is just to say “hi”.

2011 Hyundai Genesis CoupeHi Tom Scheurn:

Let me start off by saying my husband Richard and I were Honda Automobile customers for the last 25 plus years. With that said, allow me tell you about the experience we had at your dealership when purchasing our car back in August. Upon arriving at your dealership and exiting our car we were greeted by a man by the name of Jesse Rivera. What a nice, cordial and friendly man he is. Now keep in mind we have been Honda customers and it was hard for me to think outside the box. It’s hard to change anything in life when you are comfortable with a car and most of all reliable. I took the Genesis for a test drive, WOW!! What a car. I even told Jesse while in the car you are going to have to persuade me an awful lot to buy a Hyundai. But Jesse did his job and did an outstanding job in making me think outside the box.

I knew we wouldn’t have any problem financing the car, but we all hate the part of financing. This is where we met Dan Douthitt. Another nice, cordial and friendly man. He worked his fingers and the numbers where we could obtain this superior vehicle. But we had another problem now; we needed to locate the 2011 Genesis Coupe. Dan goes back to now find the vehicle. He locates one in Modesto, California. Yea!! We are happy people now. Not only did the financing work out we now located the vehicle.

We are now off to Financing to met your Finance Manager, Leroy Fontenot. Another nice, cordial and friendly man. Can this really be happening? Three nice men in a row? Yup, it sure can at San Tan Hyundai. That ain’t no Bull!!

Just the other day, my husband decided to buy rims for this beautiful car and had the pleasure of meeting your Parts Manager, John McCracken, and your Front Counter employee, Jess Suter. More nice, cordial and friendly men. While my husband was talking to John at the parts counter Jesse Rivera noticed us and came over and gave me a peck on the cheek and a hug. No, I am not offended by that at all. Being Italian hugs and kisses I think are great, and besides what better way to show you care. My gosh, this dealership is fantastic from beginning to end. We cannot say enough about this exceptional dealership, customer service and its employee’s.

Since the car was purchased in August, we also had the pleasure of meeting your Assistant Service Manager, Myron Lyons several times for accessories added to the Hyundai and our chrome wheels that were put on the car on September 12, 2011. Another friendly and cordial man.

Your dealership just makes me so happy. It makes me want to come back just to say “Hi” to these men. You don’t find that type of customer service these days. We are so impressed with the customer service, that we will highly recommended San Tan Hyundai to our friends.

Tom, these five individuals must be commended for a job well done. They have outstanding customer service and should be highly praised and recognized. In closing Tom, Richard and I would like to “express our thanks ” to your staff for making a long time Honda customer, a new Hyundai customer.

Richard & Donna Bradford